Digital Badges Program

Citizenship and civic engagement are key dimensions of student learning. Citizen science provides a vehicle for fostering values of civic engagement, raising awareness of global issues related to environmental stewardship and protection of our ocean environment.

Recognizing Student Achievement

To help teachers motivate and reward students for their work on their citizen science projects, we have developed the prototype for a Digital Badges Program.  Prototypes will be presented to teachers during the 2022-2023 field season and students will be invited to provide input into the design of the digital badges.

When the designs are finalized and database field-tested, the first Digital Badges will be awarded at a special presentation event at the end of the fall field season in November/December.  Student groups will present to their peers, teachers and parents in person and via Zoom at the presentation events.

The Digital Badges Program will offer partner schools the option of making the program available to their students to fulfill their 30-hour community service requirements for high school graduation.